Thursday, July 19, 2007

Local Stations Still Saying No to Condom Ads

Here's another one from the NY Times - Andrew Newman's story about the Trojan "Evolve" campaign being banned in Pittsburgh. Local CBS, ABC and Fox stations have rejected the ads, but in a sweet bit of poetic cyber-justice, the commercial has been viewed nearly 100,000 times on YouTube! Dont you love it? In rejecting the ads on whatever misguided moral high ground they think they are maintaining, those local stations are doing Trojan a huge favor.

Here's an interesting factoid Newman points to in the story:

According to a 2001 survey by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 71 percent of Americans believe that condom advertising should be allowed on television, more than those who approve of televised ads for beer (64 percent) or hard liquor (51 percent).

And to that I'll add a fact of my own. I'll bet those same stations have no problem accepting ads for Viagra, Cialis and the other E.D. drugs.

'Nuff said. I'm going to watch some YouTube now.

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NGillet said...

This is not unlike the situation that occurred when the NFL refused to allow the "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" campaign to be aired during a recent Superbowl contest. God forbid, the NFL should give the appearance of promoting wagering.

The agency sent press releases and dubs of the spot to every major news outlet in the country and received, by their estimate, over ten MILLION dollars in free ad time when the local, national and regional news shows reported the story...and PLAYED THE SPOT!