Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big brands looking to Tivo-proof their advertising

Have you seen the stories in Ad Age and WSJ lately about how the big brands - Geico, Gillette, Garmin and others - are "Tivo-Proofing" their advertising? In this "I'm too sexy for my TV" age, advertisers are integrating their messages into TV network programming by reaching back to the 1950s when TV shows were created - and named - for their sponsors. Can you say "Soap Opera?" Talk about a blast from the past!

My P.R. director doesn't like me to use the word "crap" but I have to pose the question - As advertisers re-invent TV 1950s-style, does this open the doors for all kinds of advertiser-driven crap TV that will eventually serve to drive more viewers away?

Anyone care to share their thoughts about Garmin’s live commercial on NBC's The Tonight Show? I’ll go first. It was pathetic.

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