Saturday, January 14, 2012

ADDY Awards are up. New hope for local clubs?

Just finished up with call for entries week for the Addy Awards. That's the American Advertising Federation's local/regional/national creative competition that invites all kinds of creative work with divisions for both professional and student entries. If our local chapter - AAF-Suncoast's - experience is any indication of what's to come in this post-recession "new normal" economy, there's cause for optimism. The fact is - entries are up this year by around 30 percent. I can point to a few reasons for this - the market is doing better, lots of local people are making a profit again, not just living hand-to-mouth.
Our club has made an amazing recovery, having atrophied to less than 50 active members in mid-2009 to more than 120 today - and climbing. I can only hope this increase in membership and Addy Awards activity will translate to new vitality and greater involvement - better programs, etc. Since the annual Addy Awards program is a major revenue producer for the local clubs, it is the best indicator of future success, in terms of better quality programs and increased value to its members.
If you have an opportunity to get involved with your local AAF chapter, I suggest you do so.

Super Bowl ads have always brought out the best - and - worst - in advertising.

It's that time of year again. With Super Bowl forty-something just a few weeks away, it's time to think back on the great spots that made us laugh, made us think, or made us wonder why anybody would spend over a million bucks on such a piece of crap. Ad Age just ran a good story on the topic. Numero Uno on their list - of course the 1984 Macintosh spot. Directed by the sci fi master Ridley Scott, I don't think that one will ever be topped. Let's see what the usual cast of characters - beer, fast food, soda pop - come up with this year.