Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hershey unwraps new corporate logo, unloads the “apostrophe.”

The Hershey Co. is showing off a redesigned corporate logo that "underscores the company's evolution from a predominately U.S. chocolate maker to a global confection and snack company." Whew, that's some fancy corporate marketing lingo. In plain English, it's a good logo, and it makes sense. 
 As reported in Ad Age, the new logo still includes an image of a Hershey's Kiss, but the new mark shows the tiny candy in silhouette form, stripping off the shiny foil wrapper shown in the old logo. The new image also looks a bit less like the logo shown on a Hershey bar, making use of updated typography and removing the apostrophe 's,' going with "Hershey" rather than "Hershey's."

I’ve always felt using a possessive with your brand name dilutes the power of the statement you make with your brand. So dropping the "apostrophe, s" was a good move that was long overdue. This presentation really does make a more sophisticated corporate statement.In addition to the new logo, Hershey stated that it is "implementing a new, disciplined visual identity system. 

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