Sunday, August 15, 2010

Custom Media Day in NY reveals upward trend in digital custom content.

The Custom Content Council presented "Custom Media Day in New York 2010" and SAS business development associate Mike Eisgrau covered the story as only he can, filing an interesting and very encouraging report as to the present and future of custom content marketing.

Among this year's conference speakers was VP Nicholas Pavach, who told the group he has "no paper phobia" – that there will still be a need for print magazines, even though that content will appear more and more via the digital world of Blackberries, iPads, iPods and PCs. He illustrated the point with a study showing that while 41% of readers pay more attention to ads in digital magazines---59% are still paying more attention to those same ads in print. In the healthcare field that translates into nearly 60% of readers of our magazines responding to the content by holding print publications in their hands---whether in a medical office or at home.

Speaker after speaker made the point that custom publishing has entered the digital world big time---in the healthcare field and many other areas.

Conference moderator Joe Pulizzi, the self-described Content Marketing Evangelist and founder of Junta42, sees a long and prosperous future for custom content marketing. He told his audience: "We are just getting out of the dugout for a nine-inning game. We are in our infancy."

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