Sunday, July 13, 2008

Broadcast TV runs into trouble when it tries to program like cable

Broadcast TV networks are swimming in dangerous waters trying to develop and air high quality programs with compelling themes like the shows on premium cable networks such as Showtime and HBO. According to a recent Ad Age story, The CBS show "Swingtown" is, perhaps predictably, running into hurdles. "Swingtown," the CBS drama set in the mid-1970s is filled with characters who enjoy the occasional skinny dip, wife swap or threesome -- not to mention pot brownie or snort of cocaine.

I'd say they are, very predictably, running into some major hurdles - in the form of the predictable right-wing morality police.
The Parents Television Council, an advocacy group that rails against sex, violence and profanity in entertainment, has urged CBS affiliates to "pre-empt the raunchy new show."

The conservative cry babies all know the remote and its buttons were made to change the channel, but CBS should know, along with the other broadcast networks, that perhaps they should stick to the crime dramas. The more adult content is best left for the cable guys.

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