Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fox Super Bowl advertising revenue to reach $260 million

This reported yesterday by MediaWeek -
Fox is expected to take in a total of $225 million in advertising revenue on Super Bowl Sunday, according to sources familiar with the situation. Sources explained that this will include the network's four-hour, pre-game show; Super Bowl game telecast; and hour-long episode of its hit drama, House, which leads out of the game. In addition, the Fox owned-and-operated TV stations are expected to take in about $35 million in ad revenue locally for the similar schedule of programming, bringing the total take to $260 million.

The Super Bowl telecast itself, which contains 63 ad units, is expected to bring in about $170 million, with the average spot selling for $2.7 million. Some of the multispot advertisers in the game paid less per unit; however, about five advertisers who bought individual units with ad time close to sellout, paid as much as $3 million per unit.

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