Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Demand for Super Bowl Spots is Brisk This Year - Spots Could go for $3 million

In a recent WSJ story, Tom McGovern, head of sports media for Omincom Group-owned Optimum Spoorts, describes how demand for Super Bowl spots is crazy this year. The Fox network has only two spots left for Super Bowl XLII to be played Feb. 3, which is giving them the upper hand in negotiations. This new demand is being driven, in part, by renewed interest among movie studios this year, as well as the lack of TV programs that get big ratings nowadays. Rates for a 30-second spot have topped $2.7 million for this season's final game, according to media buyers, up from as high as $2.6 million last year. Before it is all over, some of the final slots for the championship game could sell for as much as $3 million.

No surprise to me at all. This is the result of TV fallout - the fact that there is indeed a lot of crap on the tube that isn't worth watching. So high quality, big ratings opportunities like the Super Bowl become even more valuable. Still, I think an advertiser has to be pretty gutsy, or possessed of a very large media budget, to blow $3 million on a single spot.

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