Tuesday, April 15, 2014

From the Pages of Billboard

A couple of very interesting items from the latest issue of Billboard magazine:

First, Paul Weller of The Jam and The Style Council has launched a clothing collection. He's calling it "Real Stars Are Rare." I know it doesn't sound very "fashiony" but Weller knows what he's doing. He's known as much for his style as his music. They don't call him "The Modfather" for nothing.

Designed by Weller in collaboration with Phil Bickley, owner of Tonic, a menswear store in West London, the Autumn/ Winter 2014 launch collection will be available to buy in selected stores and online from late Summer 2014. 

Want a blast from the past? Open up iTunes and check out some of the Jam's albums. Sound Affects is my favorite. Takes me right back to my college radio days.

Next, I turn to page 30 and staring me in the face is an incredible B&W image of the incomparable Debbie Harry. It's a spread about the new book by 1970's "alternate scene" photog Christopher Makos called White Trash Uncut. This guy saw it all back in the day - and captured it on film - Iggy, Bowie, Alice Cooper and a lot more.

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