Sunday, August 12, 2007

Will so-called New Chrysler be a better brand?

Heard some interesting things during the past week about the so-called "New Chrysler Corporation." This is apparently the result of a media blitz by the new corporate ownership to get the buzz going. First, I heard they are restoring the old star logo. May be a big mistake. Why? Seems to me the old five-pointed star logo will do nothing more than remind everyone in their target demographic of those crap cars of the 70's and 80's. Remember the Aspen and Volare? The K-cars? Remember when all the keys were shaped like that goofy star? I guess if you happen to have fond memories of your Aunt's Dodge Polara, or spent some time in the back seat of a Dodge Polara police cruiser, or you are a Mopar muscle car fan, this could bring a smile to your face. As for me, I received a mailer with that stupid star die-cut right into its cover the other day. It was underwhelming.

Interesting thing number two - they've hired Bob Nardelli as the new CEO. This is the guy who left Home Depot in disgrace - with a pile of big corporate CEO money. A guy who doesn't know the car business. Did they do it for the media shock value alone?

For this brand to return to the glory days, when people took notice and said, "Hey, Chrysler's putting some great cars on the road," they're going to have to do beter than this.

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