Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Film about McDonald's "Founder" Ray Kroc to be released this summer

Here's another "bio pic" about a big brand - this time it's McDonald's. This film is more about Ray Kroc than the brand itself. Of course it is nearly impossible to separate the two. What Jobs was to Apple, certainly Kroc was to the Golden Arches. I'm looking forward to a strong performance by Keaton as the former milk shake machine salesman who, while not the actual "founder," became the  driving force behind this global brand.

The Founder stars Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc and a very good cast that includes Laura Dern, Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson and John Carroll Lynch.

Directed by John Lee Hancock. The release date is August 5, according to IMDb - so you'll have to wait a bit to see it.

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