Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Starbucks Red Cup Controversy - Will the Christmas Police Please Knock it Off!

A memo to the Christmas Police: The backlash over Starbuck’s 2015 holiday cups is proof that you're nuts. Starbucks’ approach this year is a simple one – it’s inclusive and elegant, and encourages you to create your own holiday greeting on the cup. This requires some literacy, of course, so some of you may not be included. The absence of snowflakes and holly, Christmas tree ornaments, the Baby Jesus or grownup Jesus on those red cups is not evidence of a "war on Christmas."

Who are these people anyway? Are they the same folks who drive around with the “Put Christ Back in Christmas” car decals all year long? Different strokes for different folks, I say. But, hold your holy high horses. If you’re thinking of boycotting the brand, stop and think about the people who serve the coffee in those cups. A Starbucks boycott wouldn’t make for a very merry Christmas for those guys, now would it?
Here’s an unfortunate Christmas morning scenario:
Gee Mommy, how come Santa was so stingy this year?

Well Billy, some really uptight people decided Starbucks’ red cups didn’t conform with their visual standards of the Christmas spirit, so I got laid off.

…and here’s a link to the Ad Age story. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee, and have a Merry Christmas.

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